Alloderm Dental Lawsuits

The use of AlloDerm has been linked to serious side effects and complications, often resulting in the need for additional surgery. AlloDerm is made from human tissue that is taken from donors, processed and used as a regenerative agent in several surgical procedures, including certain types of dental surgery. AlloDerm is processed and developed by LifeCell Corporations and is distributed to dental practitioners by BioHorizons. It is often used in soft tissue dental grafting procedures to cover exposed roots, increase soft tissue and contain bone grafts. Before the development of AlloDerm, dentists were required to remove tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth to use for tissue grafting. Because this was painful and required several office visits, AlloDerm has become the preferred product for dental grafting by most dentists.

Dental Use of AlloDerm

Many people suffer from gum disease, which often leads to the gums receding and roots becoming exposed. This can result in loss of bone, decay and heightened sensitivity to temperature changes. When this occurs, many dentists use AlloDerm to cover the exposed root and help regenerate the soft tissue, building up the receded gums. If you have had soft tissue grafting done by a dentist and have experienced complications, AlloDerm may be to blame.

FDA Warning

AlloDerm was first created for the use of skin grafts on patients who had suffered severe burns to assist in the growth of new skin. During the processing of AlloDerm, human cells and the epidermis are removed to prevent the graft from failing due to tissue rejection. The product results in a matrix of components that regenerate tissue rapidly. Although it has been used for years in dental practices, recent complaints from both patients and doctors have forced the FDA to provide a public heath notification, stating that the use of AlloDerm may carry risks of complications.

Problems And Complications From AlloDerm

According to the Medical Product Safety Network, there have been numerous reports of AlloDerm problems including defective matrixes, perforating matrixes, tears of matrixes, erosion of matrixes and adhesion problems. Additionally, many people have come forth who have experienced serious side effects from the use of AlloDerm during a surgical procedure. Some people have experienced infections, abscesses, pain and swelling and the need for additional surgeries to remove the graft.

How An AlloDerm Dental Lawsuit Lawyer Can Help

AlloDerm dental lawsuit lawyers are well informed and very knowledgeable on the ill effects of AlloDerm. If you or someone you love has suffered complications after receiving a soft tissue dental graft, you may be entitled to compensation. You should call and speak with an Alloderm lawyer as soon as possible if you suspect that you have acquired complications due to this product.